Firestick stuck on logo

Hi, one of my firesticks 4k stuck on logo, Tried every tip i read to factory reset but, will not come out of fire tv logo so cannot factory reset which seems to be my only option now. Kind regards Cloughie 1948.

I’m not sure what you’ve tried. The list is rather long. The very first thing is to leave it completely on and uninterrupted overnight. Do not hit any buttons.
unplug everything, unplug the stick from the hdmi port, remove power completely. Wait for about 10 minutes and then plug everything back in, you may want to try another hdmi port to be sure the one you plugged into isn’t defective. Use the power brick supplied and plug directly into house current, do not use the USB port on the TV. If you have a spare brick and power cord for the stick try that. Give these a try and let us know. Also be sure to use the HDMI extender and keep the stick away from the back of the TV as much as possible. I added a fan that plugs into the TV USB port to keep some air flow across the stick to help cool it.

use remote to reset see pic


Hi, thanks for your prompt replies.
I will list everything i have tried , i have no more knowledge of anything else to solve my problem.
Tried fixes with remote.
Tried keyboard.
Otg cable.
2 other tvs inhouse
Left running 8 hours on tv without interruption.
Changed hdmi from other firestick.
Tried 3 power cords plugged in.
Logo with that fire logo running through is all im getting.
Thanks for your time.
This is last chance saloon befor dumping it and buying another.Kind regards. Cloughie .

And I take it trying the reset with the remote also didn’t work? Which model is it? I only recommend the Max personally.

Hi Miki, Tried remote umpteen times, changed batteries, gave it a go about 6 different days, have it on my tv now no joy…Cheers

The last thing you haven’t mentioned is using the original power brick plugged directly into house current. If you’ve done that then I’m afraid I have no more suggestions and you may just have a bricked stick. Sorry.

Yeah, I would use the original power block and cord if you have it. Plug the stick into the HDMI slot without any extenders or otg cable but keep the power disconnected. Hold the back button and the right directional button on the remote while you plug the power cable into the stick. Continue to hold the buttons on the remote for 20-30 seconds just to make sure.

Thanks Miki, you mean the original plug by saying ‘brick’ , yes i used the wall plug all the time and then tried 2 more wall plugs from other firesticks. Your help is much appreciated especially such a quick response. Thanks, Cloughie.

Thanks guys, no joy i feel assured now after trying your fixes it is indeed bricked. Time to let it go. Really appreciate your help. Cloughie.

What did you do if anything to make this happen? May help others.

I’d hang onto it and leave it unplugged for a week or so and then check again just to be sure. But I wouldn’t wait to buy a new device.

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Reach out to Amazon support - they have a dedicated group for fire devices. Depending on how long ago you purchased it, they could offer you a discount to use for the purchase of a new stick, particularly if they’re unable to resolve a fix.

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I know you changed the remote batteries but try cleaning the battery compartment contacts with alcohol and even a little abrasive,

Thanks to all for your support, mabey amazon worth a try,
Firestick never started up following morning , ok night before??.
Will try clean battery compartment. Regards Cloughie.