Firestick storage problem

Bought a new 4k firestick. Setup my Ip Vanish VPN.
followed troy’s instructions on setup.
followed troys instructions on adding 64G external storage.
Loaded Kodi, 2 iptv, Cimema, Tivi mate etc.
enjoyed a wonderful weekend of College football, NFL, etc.
This morning I get a “low of storage” message on firestick and none of my external storage apps are on the drive

What did I do wrong??

go to settings on stick see what app has biggest cache also are you using a build on stick

A build on stick??? do not understand.

The TiviMate had the largest cache of 30.59mb.

a build is a download that is pre loaded with apps but i can cause problems on stick by using to much space but from what you say we can forget that cant think of anything that would cause your problem at the moment maybe someone else can help good luck

Although any app you are using may be stored on the external drive user data and cache are kept on the stick for every app. This is why you don’t store unused apps but keep the stick lean, clean and mean. Use fast task killer and background apps and processes list. Also with Kodi, use a cleanup wizard before starting Kodi. Hopefully the new stick released soon will have improved storage and RAM. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Thank you. I will take your good advice.

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Read this post.

“Amazon offloading usb on Firestick 4K max”

You new to fix some settings on your Firestick

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which ones?? new here.
thank you

Go to the message in this forum that I have in quotes. That should answer a lot of your questions.

Got it. Thank you. Appreciate your help