Firestick sleep mode

How do I stop my firestick from going into sleep mode? I just purchased a new Firestick Max 4k+ and while watching the Monday Night Football game it went into sleep mode 3 times during the game. This never happened on any of my previous firesticks, at least not this quickly, I have 4 TV’s and all have a Firestick.

Do a search on here for fire stick toolbox. I’m having a mental block at the moment on who developed it. Can’t remember if this is included in the toolbox or if you have to do it manually with ADB. But I disabled it on mine and haven’t looked back.

Sheild’s have a settings for that, but don’t know if FS do?

Techdoctoruk debloat tool

Just type this into remote ADB app… “settings put secure sleep_timeout 0” That will stop it from going to auto sleep. You can still put it to sleep with remote option. Just hold down the home button and choose sleep option in the menu.

Mine started doing the same thing. I verified that I’ve got my sleep timeout set to 0 with the ADB app. But my Firestick is Still going to sleep.

Thanks for all your help, I actually set the screen saver to never and have not had any more problems since. Not really into all that ADB Shell App stuff just wanted to find a simple button to click on and make it stay awake.

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