Firestick restarts with out reason

I have two 2020 latest released versions of the firestick ( 7.2 I.S.O. ) . I have external storage on both. Both units will restart for no apparent reason . I checked with Amazon tecnical support; and was told that they don’t support third party apks; that my sticks were corrupted and I needed to do a factury reset. I thought that they were refuring mainly about Kodi. But I still have the same problem with both units. I use IPvanish , Real-debrid and the Wolf management launcher to show when the VPN is on or not.

Sounds like they may be getting hot and shutting down. Be sure and use the hdmi cable extension that game with then. That will help keep the stick away from the TV heat. Also, make sure you are using the power supplies included with the sticks. Don’t plug them into the TV USB port. Post back if this does not help.


Yes I am using the power supply and the hdmi extension that came with them, one firestick is about 6 to 7 months old , and I replaced one of my firestick that was one of the first of the 2020 releases trying to stop the buffering by using the OGT adapters with an external drive and wired using the ethernet cable. whitch seemed to have stopped the buffering for the most part but the restarting issue started and is pretty annoying to say the least.
Thanks for your reply.

Are both sticks being interchanged on the same TV, or are they on different ones?

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The more of the sticks resources are used to run a app the hotter the stick with get.

So big files or big apps. Try to keep the sticks operating load down by uninstalling unused apps Clearing data and such.


Yes, but I have a Avenk with a remote 5 HDMI switcher that the TV, the Firesticks , a DVD and a Double cassette deck are hooked up to and I switch between the five setting to play.
I ordered a mini desk fan to blow on both sticks to try and keep them cool to see if this will help.

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I thought using a external hard drive with most of the apps on it would free up space and keep down the load on the sticks.

For the ultimate solution look at my 4K Max review. I did forget to mention that the heat sink is held in place by 3m heat transfer tape.


Try using a larger capacity power module, about 2 Amps @ 5.3 vdc which will be printed on the module. I use an old cell phone power module with a type A USB female connector. Don’t use a new adjustable charging module with a type C USB connector. These are dual voltage chargers which can damage your firestick.



You are correct.

As mentioned above I’d make sure the stick has more power.

Wall out let being number one.

I took one of my firesticks and removed the cover and it seems tobe working fine. I received the mini fan and pluged it into my usb port of my Tv. Then I proceeded to reinstall Kodi on my second firestick and it restarted before I could finish. So I removed the cover on it and replaced both original charger with cell phone chargers, and seems like after all that both are running fine.
Thanks for all the comments, they helped me and I hope my results can help some one also.