Firestick restarting

I posted, where I though that I found out that my firestick was over heating . I took both covers off , then I drilled holes in the covers to cool them down; and the firesticks ran fine for awhile before restarting over etc. etc.I even purchased a Fire Cube. The sticks that I though were bad ; worked just fine after I took them to another part of my home that was quit cooler than my man cave where the temp. was close to 90 degreese even with two fans running. I was surprised to find out that the room temp. had that much of an affect on the operation of the firesticks.
Hope this helps some one that might be scratching their heads as I was with a problem that was getting the best of them.


Hey @bigpee good day. Sounds like you’re up for a challenge. Have a look at these mods on a 4K max. Took temps from 85 to 40.


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Yeh , I saw that and my next step would of been to try it . But I had trouble finding the right heat sinks ; so I tried the simplist task first . My Man Cave is down to 75 degrees and my Cube and Firestick are running faster than before with no trouble ; and I hope it stays that way.
But thanks for the come back

No problem. The heat sinks should be readily available at a local computer parts store where you would buy stuff like MoBos, cpu/gpu, case fans, and so on to build your own computer from the ground up. I guess it all depends on where you live, you could order on line. I’m glad yours is working, I started with a desk fan blowing behind the TV, so you can imagine how far this has progressed. It’s fun.

Have fun and STREAM ON.