Firestick remote

So my Firestick remote just stopped working out of nowhere. I replaced the batteries, still nothing. I’ve googled and YouTubed every reset / reprogram method to try and re-pair the remote and still nothing. I tried programming a remote from a diff Firestick and still nothing, and now that remote doesn’t work for the old Firestick either. Are both remotes just dead now?Do I need to reset the Firestick itself? I’m just tired of using my phone, it’s harder than a remote. Thanks for any advice I can get!

Hey Hector…

I take it you’ve been in the controller/ remote area on the stik & tried to add new remote…
On some stiks you can unplug it for few secs & dont touch the remote for a cpl minutes & this screen comes up

Dont kno if youve tried what it says on screen…
Press menu/back/ok
at same time for 10 secs


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Yesssir tried that as well. Multiple times. I’m just starting to think the remote is done, but what gets me is both remotes being done? Doesn’t make sense

That blows…

Hopin someone will come in here tomorrow & have some more advice for ya…



I’ve recently had this happen. My firestick was stuck on the loading screen and remote stopped working. I tried everything. Have you tried it in another hdmi or another TV?
I ended up having to get a new firestick myself.

The Firestick itself works, it’s the remote that doesn’t. I’ve been using my phone as a remote. Which gets really annoying because I keep having to look down to use it.

I had a remote die on me last year, so they do die on occasion. You can use your phone with the firestick app. Your first remote is probably dead but the second one probably isn’t.

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If you can use your phone then go into settings>Remotes>Amazon Fire TV Remotes> Add New Remote and see if you can fix it that way.

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Exact same thing happened to me and I tried all the recommended fixes without results. Cleaning the remote battery contacts (and I mean really cleaning them well with a light abrasive and alcohol) was what did the trick.

i have the same problem and tried all the solutions(even the app for my phone, which i agree is a pain!), even spoke to amazon–hey, just buy a new one they said–ha ha, they cost almost as much as a new stick…so my question is, are any of the cheaper knockoff remotes worth the money??? Thank U all in advance…

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Start over. Use your phone to UNPAIR the remote first. Then hold the home button on your remote for 10 seconds to put it in pairing mode and use your phone to navigate through the menu to pair a new device.

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so u r saying i can unpair a non working remote…if so i will try that

That’s correct. Your device has the remote memorized. That could be causing the problem with trying to pair it again. Wipe it from the devices memory and try pairing again.

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If you get a replacement remote it has to be Bluetooth. If you want voice control then you might as well just buy a new firestick that comes with a new remote. You wouldn’t be spending much extra. If you go with just a remote then I would get one with a keyboard. The best quality ones are the Rii i8+ or the AuviPal G9F. Just make sure it’s the Bluetooth version.

Similar issue months back, tried everything listed here with zero results. Factory reset of the stick ended up being my cure.

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Did you have any luck with unpairing first and then trying to pair again?

sorry for the delay in answering…the phone app is giving me trouble as well, this has become WAY TOO much of a hassle for me…i have pretty much decided to give up…i will either buy a new stick or one of the remotes you mentioned, thanks Jayhawks659 and everyone else…

Did either of you try a factory reset of the firestick as a last resort?

My sister had this problem on her firestick and unpairing all the previous devices and then repairing did the trick. But if you do a factory reset of the device and it still doesn’t work then I wouldn’t go buying any new remotes. It’s probably the firestick itself that’s the issue if a reset doesn’t fix it.


Have you tried re booting the stick and then pairing the remote

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no factory reset, my stick works, am able to use a $10 insignia(BestBuy brand) that i had to get cuz i bought an open box 75" sony bravia with no manual or remote. so i have “some” control over the stick, just not what i would have with a working stick remote.