Firestick Power (FIX)

Past few months I’ve read threads whereby some people have issues with Firesticks suddenly switching off/powering down or continually restarting. It had been mentioned it could be an issue with using a third party USB cable. Recommendations were that if you had an issue, source another genuine Amazon Firestick USB power cable and it could very well fix things.
Well I had a problem with an older gen Firestick restarting every few minutes. Swapped out the USB cable, because I found the original (I’d been using a white Samsung phone cable) and the problem was still there :confused:. A friend mentioned that I should try plugging directly into a wall socket, not use any kind of electrical extension/adapter etc. What Do You Know? It fixed the problem :grin: even the Samsung phone USB was no longer an issue :laughing:. So if anyone has ‘power’ issues, give this a try! Dunno how it works, but it fixed things for me. Hopefully a wee tip that someone mind find useful :+1:

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Common issue. Its always always recommended to be directly plugged into the wall… its mentioned a thousand times.

The other issue is overheating. Typicaly more in 4k feeds and nit powering off at night (unplug)

“its mentioned a thousand times” first I’d heard of it, but I’m only several months into my Firestick/Streaming experience.
How do I remove the thread? Just thought if Id found this solution, it may help someone else.


I apologize for coming off rude or sounding brass, wasnt my intention. The very first thing anyone should do is power their unit into the wall and also check cables. Switching them out is also a good idea.

You arent wrong and it is helpful, i just mean its in our guides and been discussed on here a bunch. I appreciate you bringing it up, its a good reminder.

Here is a very good article spelling out why you should always plug into a wall receptacle…

Its fine! I probably didnt search well enough to find similar info. Delete the thread anyway, cheers.

@KingPro this is a good reminder for people. Often what seems to be a complicated problem is nothing more than a connection issue. Ive often found myself perplexed by a video glitch and after digging into settings all day turns out its a cable :woozy_face: :eyes: :+1: