Firestick or Shield

I have many…many firesticks but I’ve always been interested in the Nvidia Shield for it’s raw power. Is it worth the extra $? I’m interested in the new Firestick Max, when it goes on sale at xmas, mostly b/c my router does Wifi6 and I’d like to see if there are performance boosts, but if Shield is a permanent solution (read: not having to replace it every so often) I would like to hear the argument. thx in advance.


When it comes to it, get the shield for better performance and power.

If you are willing to spend the extra money, shield hands down.

Less pesky Amazon issues as well.

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Seems like they haven’t put a new model out for quite a few years. Is there one in the works? Also, when they say AI upscaling, is that across all apps? For instance, I use Hulu. Will it upscale live Hulu?

I second the Shield as well. Between limited storage and constant bloatware going with Nvidia is a slamdunk in my opinion. Once you transition you will never want to go back to the FS’s again.

However as somone who has 3 “tubes” and only 1 Pro I regret I didnt install the Pro’s for their power and abilities. The $150 I saved has been more than consumed by the additional support needed vs. just buying the Pro versions initially.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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I have several fire sticks and 2 Shield Pros. For my use, the Shield’s biggest advantage is its ability to upscale HD content to 4K (nVidia calls it AI Upscaling). I’ll admit I was very skeptical prior to seeing it myself but I read a lot of reviews online that convinced me it was worth taking a look. So, I bought one for the mancave. The following day I bought another one for the family room. I still use fire sticks on our other TVs (exercise room, bedroom, etc.) and for travel. The fire stick is plenty good enough for the average Joe, but if you want the absolute best image quality the Shield is the ticket. Get the Pro.

IHAVE 2017 shield but also fire cubes and its right there with the shield for a lot less money


As I use my cheap andriod box that’s probably a China box… lol.

Xmas probably getting a shield.

Upscaling is LEGIT. I’ve got the shield pro. I love that I can pass through TrueHD audio for my Dolby Atmos setup (real in-ceiling speakers). I never have to worry about the processing power. Expanding storage space is super easy in comparison to the fire devices. You don’t have to buy an OTG adapter for USB ports or ethernet. Nvidia hasn’t mentioned anything about blocking unverified streaming apps like Amazon has hinted at. I could go on and on. I don’t regret dropping the $200 at all!


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