Firestick keeps recycling will not load

Using a firestick 4K with a UGREEN usb superspeed wired Gigabit lan adapter with 3 ports usb hub.
It worked fine for some time now maybe for a week or so then it just goes in to a recycle mode
showing first firestick then fire tv then starts again. If I unplug and try again it does same thing.
I unplug and just use regular power plug no UGREENall is well.
Now I’m assuming the adapter is bad or going bad but it is nice to be able to use the USB ports
with other shows I can download off my computer.
I have attached picture of equipment, just wondering if anyone has had this problem and is the only
way to fix is a new adapter.


If you have another hub I would use it or get a new one. If it’s fine unplugged then you have your answer.

The Firestick goes into that loop when it has insufficient power. So your only option imho is to get a good powered hub. I use the Smays OTG with ethernet, powered hub.


I agree with Miki. This sound exactly like a lack of power or bad power connector.

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have new one coming today
thanks for replies

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