Firestick error

Has anyone encountered this message while trying to reset fire stick and support didn’t provide any help so I’m reaching out for help

Could you please provide the steps you tried that initiated system recovery? In most cases Amazon recommends completely removing the stick from power and unplugging it from the TV HDMI port. Wait for the stick to discharge and cool down, about 15 minutes. Now if you’re using the HDMI extension either try another one, if you have one, or plug directly into the HDMI(ARC) and be sure to plug your firestick power directly into a functioning power bar or house outlet, with your TV turned on. Now immediately hold down the return arrow and the right side of the "direction’ ring and after about 10 seconds you should get the reset popup. Let us know if this worked. When the 4K sticks first came out this was a rare but occasional occurrence, but I’ve not seen this on the Max.

Thank you for responding when g plug it up it powers up like normal and I’m able to go to settings and reset to factory like normal and the error pops up and another thing is it won’t connect to the remote or the app it’s like it’s locked I’m able to use my tv remote to navigate

I think at this point you need to contact support. It looks like its locked back in windows days blue screen of death boot loop.

The sad thing is that they couldn’t help me when this issue first occurred but i agree at this point because it’s plugged straight into a wall outlet with new power cord

So you are able to start the factory reset but then that warning screen pops up? Does it pop up after it says it’s done or the reset doesn’t complete? I’ll do a little more digging but the reset interrupt is troubling.

The reset doesn’t complete

A little more involved but an option. Personally for the money you might spend on a keyboard and otg cable, I’d buy a new 4k Max when they’re on sale for $35.

Thank you for all you’ve done to help but it is still all bricked up lol will just charge this one to the game again thanks o and i had all the stuff to try the last thing

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