Firestick Default Reset for Memory

I have virtually no internal memory left on my 4k max firestick despite only 25 mb of non-Amazon apks on it. The memory has gradually declined but now I have to clear my cache and clean every day. Can I salvage my external drive apps if I reset my firestick to default?I have many apps on my external usb drive, which I would like to save. If I reset my my 4k max to factory default, will I still be able to use my external drive apps through my otg cable or do I have to start over?

Simplest thing to do is get an OTG cable and a Sandisk 32GB USB 3.0 drive and install it. Go to My Fire TV in settings, click USB Drive and format it for “internal”. Then when done go into manage installed apps and any apps like Analiti click on them and transfer to USB. This will give you tons of free space on the stick and enough GBs of storage for thousands of apps.

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If he’s only put on 25MB of apps, shouldn’t he have about 3 or 4 Gigs of free storage left? I don’t know 4k Max sticks, but when I had my old 2nd gen one…after I put on every app I wanted, I still had about 2.5 gigs of storage left. My question: what in the world is taking up all his storage space?

With all the latest Amazon “component” updates things like Amazon Kids, shopping, and on and on are getting bigger every day. I have about 3 Gig left but only a few main apps, Stremio and TiViMate, as well as Proton VPN and mail. So there’s no way I could put 25 apps and their corresponding data on the stick and have space. But all that goes away with just a 16 GB Sandisk 3.0 , lots of room.

Oh yeah…I agree…but he said he’s only put on 25 megabytes of his own apps…so basically, nothing. Could all the embedded amazon app updates have eaten up all his storage?

If nothing has been cleared possibly. As far as only 25MB of apps, no way. Analiti alone is 52.44, Downloader 11.15 , My VPN 139 MB, So I suspect it was a typo and he meant 25 apps but I’m guessing.

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Yep…good point…25MB is only half of a Troypoint RAI…ha ha…so something is up there…

Do what Miki suggests with the expanded memory…that’ll be a big help.

But, in the meantime, until you can gather the OTG cord & USB drive, do these things:
-Set the Screen saver settings to ‘never’.
-Force stop & clear data for Amazon kids, Live Shopping, Music & Photos
-Install Fast Task Killer, available with the RAI
-Install Unlinked from RAI. Add the store ‘EB2E4A4C’. Locate & install SD Maid Pro from that store & run SD Maid Pro.

Doing all that will help, both before & after installing added storage.


To answer the question, yes, resetting to factory specs will restore about 4.5 GB of available storage. But you may have to do this every 6 months or so. 8GB storage is just not enough, nowhere near!

I know reset will return original memory but will I be able to use my apps on my external memory or will I have to wipe the usb drive and start over.

I believe you will have to “eject” the USB Drive, do a factory reset, register your stick over again and it should say something along the line of reinstalling your previos setup. That’s up to you. If you simply reg it, log into network, then you should be able to plug the USB drive back in and your apps should be there, but as even the apps are on the USB it’s data will be stored on the stick, so a factory reset may make the apps unreadable, I honestly can’t say as I haven’t tried it.

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Was a typo and I meant 250 mb. The question is: Has anyone done a reset on their firestick and been able to to save their external memory apps on their usb drive. I only have my vpn, wolf launcher, and two other small apps on my internal drive and I have virtually no internal memory left. I would like to save my external memory apps because it took a lot of time and effort to find and fine tune them.

Copy…250MB is still a small amount…see above post from Miki on viability of apps on external drive…maybe someone else that’s actually tried the same will chime in…I have no idea either, other than everything on any external storage seems to always have data linked to internal…I know my android phone does. Again, my question is: what is eating up all your internal storage? I would say you need to go into settings/apps & see if any of them are using an exorbitant amount of storage…& if so…try to find out why…?


There might be a way of transferring the APKs themselves to another storage device and using a file manager to reinstall them after you basically re-do your FS setup & your expanded memory.

I don’t think that just taking your present usb with expanded storage and plugging that back in works…though it wouldn’t hurt anything to try.

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Using the existing USB, that you have your apps on, should work. I’m not on the Max presently but if I remember correctly in “My Fire Tv”>USB there is a setting to click to safely “eject” the usb. Worth trying. I guess it depends on how many apps you have on the drive, as if it doesn’t work it’s pretty easy to reinstall apps with so many “libraries” out there.

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Thanks, I watched a video online on ejecting my usb drive but I have also read that there is some sort of connection to the internal drive that makes these apps visible. I was thinking along the lines of copying my apps to X-plore and reloading them after the reset. This could serve as a plan B if the eject did not work. But I would like to hear from someone that actually has salvaged their external drive apps.

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i have 30mb external showing but none of the programs allow me to transfer–any suggestions?

If you’ve formatted it for External Storage that will be for recordings etc, format as internal it will be for apps.

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i’ll try for apps

thank you

don’t see it under my fire tv

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