Firestick constantly restarting

Do I need a new firestick? No matter what I do, it keeps rebooting. :rage:

It’s an indication your power brick has failed or is failing, or your cord is bad. Replace the brick and the cord.


Could also be overheating.

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Overheating initiates a CPU safe process which reduces the overall function of the stick slowing it down and reducing CPU cycles so it doesn’t fry. The constant recycling on and off is caused only by a bad brick or power cable.
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Thank you! What’s a brick? Forget it, I figured out the brick thing

Ya the sticks are very power sensitive. That’s why you never use the USB port on any TV to supply power yo the stick. The slightest glitch and the stick restarts.

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I really wish Amazon would stop selling those adapters that talk about how convenient it is to plug into the tv instead of with a power brick into wall outlet. We see nothing but issues with them.

I wish amazon would do simple things like adding another gig of RAM and another 10 Gig of ROM. But seems they don’t do the easy things. :crazy_face:

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