Firestick cannot connect to internet

If anyone is having issues with suddenly getting a message when turning on a Firestick, no matter what model, that it cannot connect to the internet and to check your settings, I have come upon a solution. Going through all the suggested fixes and posts for solutions, did not work for me. And whatever you do, don’t do a full reset, as it’s most likely not necessary. The problem steamed from my VPN, SurfShark. I went into applications and deleted it, restarted and everything was back to normal with my connections. I then reinstalled SurfShark and was back to full operation. This worked on all my Firesticks. Maybe SurfShark needed an update that didn’t happen. I did note that it did have an update a day later.
Just something to maybe keep anyone from going in circles for a solution.

Also maybe a suggestion is to force a stop on the app in settings before uninstalling it to see what it does if that may correct it.