Firestick Blocking after updates

I have seen a number of threads where there are complaints of Amazon Fire stick doing weird things with streaming content and I wondered if anyone else was having any sort of problems after the most recent updates?

My own problem started a few weeks ago, and as always I use a VPN and have have VPN Privacy dot operating. All selectable from my 4K FireTVstick.
I use Cinema and have noticed that some streams are not available or very few streams are showing. This differs between my own and my friends FireTVstick, with some streams unavailable on one whilst available on the other and visa-versa. Both sticks were originally set up at the same time with the same side-loaded apps, so the only difference is the fact we are with different ISP’s.

I then started watching a stream and regular as clockwork the stream would drop out every 5 minutes all the way through. Every time it dropped out, I would start the same stream, fast forward to the time of dropout then continue(for 5 minutes).
The same thing happened on my friends Firestick.

So I wanted to see what would happen if I dug out my old Android T95 box and tried watching the same stream. Behold everything ran perfectly with no dropouts at all.
Back to the Firestick, same dropout problem.

Funny you mention this. Just last night we were watching a movie on our last FS and it dropped out every 10 minutes. Using kodi and RD. Tried 2 links with same effect. Last (3rd) link worked fine for rest of the movie. I kept moving down to smaller GB sizes. Not sure if it mattered but first wasnt that large, maybe 20GB.

these issues will continue with fire devices, my suggestion is either stick with the t95 or upgrade to another android device. Another suggestion is try different vpn servers.

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That was also my initial thought, so I tried various servers and gave up after 7 servers all giving the same results, and yes I will be sticking to the T95 for the time being.
I don’t trust Amazon not to do something underhanded. Particularly in view of the way that it has been announced what they have done with these recent updates.

There has also been a flurry of activity in Spain (EU), where a Judge has ruled that anyone having any FS jailbroken device, that has the capability to illegally stream can now be prosecuted. His words were that if the device has the software to do this, then the person can be prosecuted just for owning the device. No other proof required.

I would imagine this is when someone has sold someone else a device and they get caught owning one.

News story speculated if the UK would follow suit or not.

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i just loaded the latest firestick 4k max all updated and had no problems at all loading apps also no problems watching them

No Canadian links would let me update the latest 4k max.However US links worked fine.Chicago did anyways.I went back to Canadian links after updating and it was still being blocked with Surfshark.

I think those Amazon devices of mine will soon find their way in the garbage.

really dont think its the stick most people dont have that problem

Not sure if you’re referring to your VPN selection, but don’t forget a Stick is tied to a specific country and it’s corresponding library. US Firesticks have more variety for apps than Canadian ones. I set up a US Amazon account for that very reason… and then only bought US sticks.


I will look into this Miki :grinning: