Firestick at Hotel

So I’m staying in a hotel and has Philips tv
Tried plugging google chromecast tv to hdmi but nothing happens. Any suggestions please

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ask the front desk. If you are using their wifi it might have a captive portal.

You may also have to change the HDMI input with the original TV remote. Most hotels go with generic basic remotes that don’t allow many changes or accessing higher functions like sound and picture quality. I don’t use chromecast but once you can access it I imagine you’ll also have to log into the network.

& if all that fails…u can maybe use your phone as a hot-spot & connect the stik to its network…
& use 5g data instead of wi-fi

Just a thought

Same issues with me with firestick, even after connecting to tv you still have to connect to hotel/room wifi and to do that is nearly impossible as most allow only 1 device connected, tried smart things app with samsung mirroring but its very very laggyy, Im in U.K. and one of the most famous/fastest providers - virgin got my aroung 5mb down speed which is …
So only thing before next hotel stay download on netflix app or on hdd…
Let me know if u found better way, thx

Thanks everyone
Trying to jailbreak watching troypoint and get stuck at 1pointnwe it says Android tv os build
Says click 7 times
Also can’t install downloader
Wifi connected help please

The 7 clicks sounds like the method for gaining access to developer options. Now is the problem that you can’t find Downloader or you can’t install it? In order to find it on Chromecast, if I remember correctly, you need to search for it, but you can’t simply search for Downloader, you need to search for “Downloader app” .

Thx miki yes I was trying to install downloader not the app, also yes that’s what the 7 clicks were for but didn’t do anything
I’m going to try to look for the app this time
Ck in a few

Ya you have to add the app after downloader, then you should see it and be able to install it. Please let us know.

It worked jailbroken in 5 minutes! Thank you

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Way to go @Splashking1 . Congratulations.

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