Firestick 4k turns its self off and back on again

Here recently on my firestick 4k, I will be in the middle of going back n fourth searching around my apps, and clicking on an app or even maybe typing something in the search bar, and my firestick 4k will turn off, and turn right back on like it is rebooting itself… I had an external usb connected to it for a while now, and the other night, I turned on my tv and firestick and everything was gone. I tried to get it back but nothing worked. So I quickly added my troy point rapid app, cyberflix, area 51, ipvanish to my firestick 4k, “not using the external usb” so the family would be happy with tv, but it will still turn off, and back on out of no where??? Any advice, or help. TiA!! Also I have tried rebooting my modem and router also.

This hasn’t happened to me (yet) but here’s a list of things to check, maybe some of these are worth checking:

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Thank you! Much appreciated! I will try on my next day off of work!

A friend had this issue we believe due to him using the TV’s usb for power. Once he moved over to the power adapter all’s been fine.

Thanks. I use the power adapter myself. Im thinking it might be one of the cords.

My Firestick 4K keeps sending all apps back to the device management

Every app I use ends back up at launch app

I kept thinking it was the apps. Now I’ve spent the day uninstalling/ reinstalling , I’ve been trying new apps too. :rage:

I’m at the point where I’m going to bring my Wi-Fi modem in for exchange.

I’m using the OTG ? cable with USB disk

I have nearly half my storage still available on FS4K

I’ve restarted, rebooted etc.

I’ve diagnosed the connection, done speed tests.