Firestick 4k to LG C8 OLED is always DV

I have a new OLED tv and find that the firestick 4k is ALWAYS sending Dolby Vision to my tv (regardless of content…DV shows on home screen). In those cases where the content is not 4k the output looks too poppy and too much of the soap opera effect (even though my C8 DV picture setting, called Cinema Home, has motion turned off, etc).

I need to figure out:

  1. is it the tv or the firestick that is at fault
  2. how to make the handshake work correctly and automatically

Any ideas? I watched a Cinema HD 720p Real Debrid feed tonight and the overall picture was a bit over the top. Thx

If possible, go to display settings, then turn off HDR, deep color, Dolby HDR settings and change resolution to either 720 or 1080p. I had the same problem on my lg oled with my android box and this seemed to fix the problem.

Thx. That did it. Both HDR and DV now work properly. Weird that it was stuck on DV. Anyway, thx.