Firestick 4k (NOT the Max) won't boot or reset

I had to uninstall & reinstall Sling when I changed my OTA antenna. I had Sling on my expanded internal storage & I was using the Wolf launcher. After reinstalling Sling, my firestick seems bricked. The remote right plus return has no effect. My screen keeps switching between a firetv & no signal every 10 seconds or so.

What should I do?

Hey elgin…

the switching soundz like its powering on/off
Try unplugging for a few minutes
Hopefully it gives u a screen

Already did the unplug-replug routine…several times. I’ll leave it unplugged overnight & see what happens in the morning.


Thats the thing with these launchers… 1 little move & its nighty-night

Well it came back to life this morning. It was unplugged overnight and when I plugged it back, it came back, displaying the stock launcher and with many of the installed apps hidden. I’m thinking that I should install defsquid & scan for viruses.


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