FireStick 4K Max turning off randomly and restarting

My Firestick 4K Max keeps shutting off and restarting randomly . I has become more frequent the last few days.
do I need a neew streaming Device>

Are you using lan or you going through Wi-Fi because when I haven’t hooked up to LAN I get the same problem

Sounds like an overheating issue, if you have a little fan blow it on it.

The Firestick has been in the same Location for about a year. This just started 3 or 4 days ago. Heat in the room lower than in the summer time. 70 F instead of 80 plus.
Could I need a new one, or an ONN, or something else?

I am using WiFi mesh system. ORBI86.

Funny thing I have a fan on my TV, router and fire stick I think he might have a good point it could be overheating all you have a bug and enough storage? Because Max r basically new. Also noticed that when ur Internet goes drops or goes down that happens. I’m serious about give up on the firestick it seems they are not satisfied with just getting a sale on the stick they want more control. Wish u well

The only other thing could be lack of storage, that has so little it can’t boot

Check your Fire stick power cable or power supply.

Had this on a friends new Fire stick - swapping cable fixed issue

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MikeN. This makes sense. I have been wiggling the cable and removing it and re plugging it in to get it to start back up. Will get a new cable tomorrow.

The two main reasons for your issue are oveheating and the power source. I carry extra bricks for my customers and have found that replacing both the micro usb cable and the brick, making sure to plug it into a surge bar directly plugged to house current, resolved the issue. The overheating is more rare but sounds like you’ve resolved that with a fan setup. Why Amazon hasn’t gone with the USB C connectors is anyones guess, micro usb are ancient tech these days. My ultimate setup for a Max is a Smays powered hub. This allows me to add storage, a keyboard, and ethernet to the stick as well as a stable power source.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!


Check it’s not trying to update the software operating system. Power it down restart and see if there any updates trying to load. It might have got confused when trying to update. You should always ensure its upto date. Otherwise it might be a case of over heating. Also ensure all the cache is cleared.

Thanks. Firestick is updated. I am ordering a new power cable. That seems like the most likely problem. I have had to unplug and plug the cable back in in order to restart the Firestick.

A shame you aren’t in Canada. I literally have about 6 bricks and cables just sitting here collecting dust.

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Hey bud,

Do you have the Firestick plugged into a wall outlet using the the power block or did you plug the usb into the back of the tv to power the Firestick?

Plugged into Power strip, surge protected. I changed USB cable. No Problems today.


It could be bad batteries in your remote, try new batteries, when battery gets low it could cause the stick to shut down

If you are using an OTC with multiple thumbdrives plugged in, u need to purchase a 2 Amp Power Block (Amazon).

The 1 Amp block that the FS comes with can’t does not get enough power when it needs power all those other thumbdrives. That solved the same problem as described at this post.

Mine did the same thing. I realized it was my USB power cable that my Firestick was using. I switched back to the regular plug in and have had no issues since

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Yes mine did the same thing. I realized it was my USB power cable that my Firestick was using. I switched back to the regular cable and plugged into outlet and have had no issues since

The new USB cable eliminated the problem for me.

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