Firestick 4K max, Kodi 19.2

I’m reposting as I think I’ve figured what is causing my problem, but not have to fix it. I’ve left the original post below as reference.

Kodi is eating 50% of my fire stick internal memory. Most of my apps reside on my attached USB key, but the data still uses internal memory. Kodi is using 2.5G of 5G

So the question is, is there anyway to thin down kodi. I’m only using 4 apps on Kodi, Crew, Venom, Seren and Oath. Thanks again in advance for any help offered :yum:

So here’s the problem that I hope someone can help me out with.

Firestick 4K Max, with a USB key attached. Previously I was able to move a non-side loaded app from the internal memory to the firestick without any problem, copy to clip board, paste in download, then erase from the stick, click on APK and it would install to the USB.

But not anymore! It keeps trying to install in the internal memory not the USB, any help would be greatly appreciated :grin:

BTW, my firestick OS is (PS7255/2467)

Thanks again, Mitch

I’d try an older version of X-plore. I noticed the newer versions were removing features that were once free, so I found and installed an older version to regain free access to some features like FTP…

Thanks, I think I figured out why it’s happening. Kodi really eats up space 1/2 my 5g to be exact so I need to see if I can thin down kodi somewhat. Thanks again :+1:

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I use an Open Wizard add on to set up auto cleaning on every Kodi start up. This reduces the amount of stuff added into the Firestick storage. Then I make sure and clean the Kodi cache that seems to always hover around 98MB. I only use 1 addon and that is mad titan although I added the IPTV simple client in Mad Titan and it did add about 90MB to the data, it always remains around 177MBs in total after cleaning.
Update: I went back into Kodi and uninstalled the Simple IPTV client as it doesn’t add much to my viewing options especially as I have TiViMate premium. This brought my Kodi Data down to just under 94MBs a recovery of 83MBs.


Miki, thanks, I just checked to see if there are available links, looks good, I’ll give it a try as soon as my wife gives up the remote! Thanks again :vulcan_salute:

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Worked perfect, I now have 2.5Gb available on the fire stick internal memory, Kodi is using hardly anything, thanks :+1: