FireStick 4K MAX gen2 won’t download apps

had your problem too . it was because my modem was blocking it from happening as i use a router after that i had no problem downloading anything .

“it was because my modem was blocking it from happening as i use a router” Not sure what you are talking about.
I use my own modem and router and this problem is only with the new 4K MAX, my other 4K sticks are fine.

i like to drop in and say… i had a hdmi cable give me issues before but never a port problem.
it is nice to see you updates on this along with all the chat around it.
this forum is assume for all it’s info

My receiver has HDMI ports and it is just easier to connect to it than the tv, a few years ago something happened to the HDMI board that controlled the rear ports and I lost a lot of features the stereo had using those port, plus at first they wouldn’t work at all I reset the stereo and got the hdmi ports to at least work but auto switch was gone, surround setting display was gone but I still had surround and video, I had the FireStick plugged into the front HDMI port because it was easier when setting them up for people so I just used it for myself until now.

I have a firestick 4k max for a year now with no problems. I installed a second one in the living room and as soon as I registered it with Amazon the new one started acting up instantly and the old one don’t work worth a crap now either. Has anyone had problems like this? Kodi don’t work worth a crap my internet has 350 mps of download speed so it’s not that. I don’t get it. Did Amazon step their game up or something?

i have 3 stcks all work great i would look elsewhere for cause

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