Firestick 4K Max and kodi stream coloring

I am having an issue with the picture on kodi streams appearing green/purple/pink since I started using the new Firestick 4k Max. Any thought on why or how to fix this?

Welcome @Issa723
So is it a specific add-on?

Using Seren. Seems to be the top streams.

When you say “top streams” are you meaning streams that are in 4k?

I have it set to have to highest resolution as the first streams listed but for shows it is generally 1080p. If I select the 2nd or 3rd down with the same resolution it is fine but prevents me from using auto play since it wants to pick the first stream listed.

Ahh, ok.
So, open Kodi, then open Seren and then click on Tools, then scroll down to Open Settings Menu. Click on it. On the left side, scroll down to playback and hover over it, then click to the right, to highlight Movie Play Style and change to Source Select. Do the same thing for Episode Play Style. Then click OK.
Click the back button a few times to get back to the screen where the add-on is and click on the add-on. Let it scrape and load the links. Then you should be provided pages of links to choose from.
Hope that is the answer to your question. If not let us know.

Thank you for the help. I think I figured it out, it was the HEVC links at the top. I changed the option to hide them and it seems ok now. Thanks again for the help.

Sure thing.
Glad you got it sorted out.

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Hevc color is OK now with newest build update. No more green / purple.

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