Firestick 4k Ethernet and extra storage

Back when I first started with the Firestick years ago, I installed extra storage using a relatively complicated programming technique that Troy posted. A few months later, I decided to change from wireless to Ethernet (which - you guessed it - broke the extra storage link). Honestly, I don’t remember if I used the original Firestick or the 4k version. I do not have the 4k Max. Right now all I have is the Firestick 4k.

I have my 4K installed with the Ethernet adapter, which FYI installed smoothly just by attaching it. So, the obvious question is, can I install extra storage on my existing 4k that has the Ethernet adapter? Do I need to do things in a certain order for it to work? Thanks for any help.

If using the ethernet adapter I don’t believe you can on any firestick, not just the 4K. I think you may be able to do this with a powered hub with ethernet.

Do you have a reference design for this? The Ethernet adapter (from Amazon) has a Power-in USB, an RJ-45 connector, and the output USB that the Firestick plugs into, I so think it qualifies as a “powered hub”, albeit just one port. But I 'm definitely open to suggestions.

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It’s been my experience that it only works on the 4K MAX Firestick.

Do a search on here for the ugreen powered hub. As the Max does WiFi real well and even with an active VPN I get speeds of 85MBs down I don’t hardwire my 4K Max. I have an OTG cable installed with a 16GB Sandisk 3.0 USB stick for added storage. There are lots of hubs for sale on Amazon.

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I use these and works fine.
USB Ethernet adapter
Suyama USB OTG Adapter - Micro USB Hub Adapter With Power Supply
Both available from Amazon and EBay

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Thanks for this info, but the direct link to the adapter specifically states that it needs a special OTG cable with a separate power input. There’s also a new powered version, that may be the one that everyone refers to. But I think get the idea now, lots of things to try and I certainly have enough in my junk box to play with.

I know that it’s easy to add storage when you connect the 4k via Wifi. Amusingly, with my Firestick 4k literally less than a foot from my Cox Wifi Router, the connection at times would act funky. Investing $12 for the Amazon adapter turned out to, at least for the moment mitigate any connection issues. Maybe the signal was TOO strong? Who knows.

Great resource, this forum. Thanks everyone.

You can use an On The Go (OTG) Cable if the male connector for the hub is USB if you like. I believe the UGreen comes with the male Micro USB that plugs directly into the firestick and the power brick plug plugs into female micro usb on the hub providing power. This sort of powered hub has the female ethernet adapter as well as usb ports for peripherals like a keyboard or usb 3.0 stick. Troy’s tutorial explains it all.

Alls well that ends well. I ended up getting the Suyama OTG/Hub from Amazon (pictured in an earlier post). I resurrected an old USB 2.0 8Gb drive and an old Monoprice USB 2.0 Ethernet adapter.

The USB adapter worked by simply plugging it in. Download speeds were of course limited to 100 Mbps, but when tested the results were identical (85-100 Mbps depending on time of day, etc.) to what I was getting with the Amazon branded Firestick Ethernet adapter. FYI I could periodically get 200+ Mbps download speeds when I was running wireless (I have Cox 10/100/1000 service), but as I mentioned at the start the connection was sometimes flaky, reasons now OBE.

Installing the USB drive took a little more work, since the Firestick 4k firmware stops at version 6.x.x.x (it is fully updated). Troys tutorial on iOS6x also was perfect, a few Android commands using the Remote ADB shell app and things were good.

I haven’t figured out yet how to EASILY look at the storage remaining on the USB drive (I formatted it in “Private” mode). I did sideload a few apps and they all automagically went to the USB drive (a little USB icon shows up in the Manage Applications section). The new apps work fine. I did NOT have to reset the Firestick to factory as Troy’s video recommended for everything to go fine (after a few hours of watching, anyway).

Tranferring apps from the Firestick to the USB drive is a real, REAL PITA , so since I still have 1 Gbyte of space left on the Firestick, I haven’t …err…“felt compelled” to do any transfers (the Troypoint video again gives you the method).

Thanks for all the help guys, much appreciated.

My advice would be to not hook up a ethernet adapter to a firestick its not worth it. Stay with wifi unless you absolutely want that connection.

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I had a specific reason for trying an Ethernet adapter which I stated below. Although “funky” connections are sporty to diagnose and/or correct, Ethernet seems to have mitigated my issues for the moment, and since I use a VPN on my Firestick, I’m limited to less than 100 Mbps anyway. Wireless speeds w/o a VPN are definitely faster if your ISP and equipment support it.

In agreement with @TP-Dracoo you should stick with WIFI. The Ethernet on most streaming devices is 100 Mbps so with overhead and all that, 70 Mbps is about what you should expect. The wifi can theoretically hit 300 Mbps, so it’s no contest.

But remember, to paraphrase Bill Gates a few decades ago,

“<100 Mbps> should be enough for anybody…” :laughing:

And, actually, like I said, with my old USB2 2.0 Ethernet adapter and using Express VPN, I still hit a few Mbps shy of 100 during the day. Simply disconnecting the Ethernet cable and checking the speed over WiFi - yep, same speed as Ethernet (again, using the VPN).

As in any setup, YMMV.

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