Firestick 4K 5GHz problem

Seems like the 5 GHz side of my fire stick is not operational. All of my devices connect to the 5G side but the fire stick will only connect to the 2.4 GHz side. Rebooted router and fire stick.

So just to be sure. When connecting to your network have you gone into “network” located your SSID (network name) and found the one that ends in the number 5 clicked on it and then logged in? If you don’t see it then click on “See All Networks”.

Yeah this is an odd one. All my other devices connect to 5GHz and transmit data fine. The Firestick connects to 5GHz but transmits no data. The 2.4GHz side connects and transmits data.

Ok. My next question is Do you have admin access to your router and can change the WiFi channel to say 36. From a long time ago I do remember the stick won’t connect to some higher channel numbers. No idea why.
Aha I found an article. Here is the quote:
For the Fire Stick to work on a 5GHz frequency, you need to change the Wi-Fi channel to channels between 149 to 165, or channels between 36 to 48. Hope that helps.


Unfortunately I have a smart router from the cable company. I was talking to them and they have it set up so you can’t manually change the channel. Good news is I let it sit there for an hour or so on 5GHz and it started to transmit data.

Go figure, I have no clue what resolved the problem.

Thank you for all your help Miki :slight_smile:

We are on the same page. I was trying to change the channel just like you suggested. I think I better buy my own router so I can have more control.

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Just so you know, most companies tell you that you can’t access the higher functions via the admin page and then don’t add a unique name and password. Every router/modem comes with a generic name and password and you can often find those online by searching for your router manufacturer and model. Now if this is a modem you are renting/leasing and in your name, then you have the right to get the login info and change whatever settings you want, after all it is essentially yours.

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Very true… thank you for the very informative and clear solution. I will do what you suggested and let you know how I make out.

Are you guys talking about changing the WiFi channel between 36-48 on the TV RF channel or the actual Router channel? If the Router where do I find this and change it.

@WBaker Changing the channel on the router sometimes helps you get better data transmission. What you are trying to do is avoid congested channels or one that is prone to a lot of interference.

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WiFi Analyzer is a free app that you can install on your phone and run. You will see all networks that are broadcasting near you as well as a graph of the signals and then you can pick a channel span that noone else is on. Very good tool when you live in say an apartment building with multiple modems.

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Where and how do i change the channel on my Router? What channel do i want to be on?


That would require going into your admin settings. I really wouldnt play with it unless you know what you are doing. But you login as admin on your router and go under wifi settings or something to that effect

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Thank you my dog!!