Fireos 7.0 upgrade availability

I have a 1 year old firestick 4K why does amazon not have the 7.0 update. I spoke with support and say their development dept has not released it for older firesticks.
I think its a ploy to force you yo buy a firestick extreme 4k for 54.00

Getting as bad as the cell phone companies forcing people to upgrade to get new features :smiley:



Yea,its all about the $$$$. Wish i could use the Bloatware available,But i have a 2nd gen. FS with 5.1.1.OS. Havent found anything that works for that old of an OS. Seems as if you want to stay up to date you need to purchase evry 3 months or Think i will just keep getting by with what i have,hell the purpose to start with was to save $$$. :slight_smile:

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