Fire TV Stick 4K Max problem

My Wi-Fi went down. But when I got it back there was no connection to my Firestick. What’s the easiest way to reactivate my Firestick 4K Max?

Unplug the stick from the tv, unplug the power from the stick, wait a couple of minutes, plug it all back in and you should be G2G.


Miki, thanks for your reply. However, when I put the stick back in, it loaded and came up with the message " Home screen is Currently Unavailable".

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Main screen hold down home button after 6sec go to settings then to wifi if you have to hit rescan button if your Internet isn’t showing

That indicates no connection. Can you long hold the Home button and access your settings and go to your network settings, find your home WiFi and “forget it” and then rescan for available networks and see if it’s there, choose it if it is and enter your password. If it doesn’t show then this indicates your Modem needs to be reset. If you unplug the modem for a couple of minutes and plug it back in then you’ll have to wait for it to cycle through it’s startup process then go back into the firestick settings and look for your network and choose it to log back in. Hopefully that clears your glitch.

Lol. You’re a faster typer than me. Tx for the assist.

Miki, Paddy Boy 67’s solution did not work, same message. So I will try your solution tomorrow. My Wi-Fi is working on my laptop. Thanks, Martin

Miki, your last solution worked like a charm! I can’t begin to thank you so much. Martin