Fire TV Stick 4K Max Poor Picture Quality

I have a Samsung tv that is 4K, I experience poorer picture quality when going thru my fire stick 4K max vs when I watch tv thru my Samsung tv smart apps. I have adjusted picture settings on the fire stick to no avail. Any recommendations on how to remedy???


When you say poorer quality are you comparing the same app through both. Such as Netflix. If you are talking about a feed using a program or app such a addon for Kodi, you can have a slight deterioration of Picture quality. This is do to the codec (compress decompress) used among other things.

Are you using the same “Player”. I recommend either MX Player Pro or VLC, both of which can be found on Troy’s Rapid App Installer (RAI) for your firestick. On the Firestick make sure to go into "Display & Sounds and choose things like Color Depth and set to “Up to 12 bits” I recommend everyone should take the time to click through all available options to learn what you can do. I set myVideo Resolution to auto for example but there are many options in there that might eork better for you. Also check your hdmi port settings on your tv and if using an extension try a new one. Also if using a cable make sure you have A high speed cable. It takes time to work through all this stuff.

Yes the program is watching YouTube tv this the Fire Stick 4K Max compared to watching thru the Samsung smart apps YouTube tv. Much better on the Samsung

Hello @rick.l.noll First off, thanks for being a Patron!! I don’t use YouTube TV but the only thing I can suggest would be to look into the settings of the YouTube TV app on the Firestick and ensure that everything is set to the highest quality possible. There shouldn’t be any difference between these two apps. If that doesn’t work, I would suggest reaching out to YouTube TV and see if they can suggest something.

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I think 4K is an additional add on, have you taken that option? Otherwise you will be viewing content in HD.

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