Fire TV Remote Caution

I started having problems with my Fire TV remote stopped working. Followed Troy’s advice and went through the steps. I discovered that one of the batteries had leaked and got down in the spring pin on the negative side of the battery. Seems like new batteries seem to leak earlier than they used to. So now I need to open those remotes periodically to check for leaky batteries.


Get a spray can of electronic cleaner and shoot some on the contact or spring and you should be good to go. My often used devices usually need replacements before any leaking, but those that aren’t I try to remove them if I can remember…;))

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Thanks @dnoson I should have thought of that. Used white vinegar and baking soda to clean the contact and got the spring freed up. Once it dried out completely she was back in business. Whew, disaster averted.

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I’ve had bad luck with leaky batteries myself. Doesn’t matter if they’re cheap COSTCO or Dollar General batteries or name brand. Last ones were Duracell.

I started using rechargeable NiMH and haven’t had any leak on me yet. Use them in several mice and keyboards, flashlights and all of the remotes I use. Been doing it for a few years and things have been great.

My only problem was getting the wife to understand that they’re expensive and not to throw them away. Probably lost about $30 before I finally got it across to her. She’s much more than a tightwad than me, but for some reason it took awhile to get her on board.