Fire tv player delete?

Is it okay to delete fire tv player with es explorer as it goes back to factory default. I didn’t know if it would mess anything up .

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You can’t actually delete it, just return to factory, which may mean you miss out on updated security or added options like newer codecs. Now I do it, especially after the component updates, and this saves space. Now don’t forget, if you have a Prime membership, and use it to stream vids, then this is the player that it uses. I also delete all the shopping junk as well as music, gaming, and kids stuff. Basically all the stuff I don’t use like the AI Aria. This keeps my stick with 3+ GB of free space. I do have a 16GB USB drive attached to a powered OTG hub so I have room for app storage and testing.

Miki, I didn’t think you could delete music, kid stuff and the likes on the fire stick… I can only clear the data and force stop it.
Am I missing something?

My wife has a Prime membership mainly for a lot of free shipping. She also likes a lot of the shows they have so I won’t mess with it. Thank you

Hmm. I have never said you can clear or delete the embedded Amazon apps, only reset to factory.

I understand I don’t have a prime account and don’t use amazon shopping or Alexa shopping or any of those. You don’t have to reset anything to factory if you use it. But if, like me, you don’t use AI or have kids, or play music from Amazon then you’re G2G.

I know I got confused on what I was referring to… Thank you for the contact info…will be using that instead of going through here unless there is a question on here that involves correspondence in regards to a subject matter.

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