Fire TV Cube vs. Firestick 4k Max

Hi all,
With the holiday season fast approaching, looking for opinions. Fire TV Cube or Firestick 4k Max. At this time not interested in try out any android boxes (MeCool Km, Nivida Shield, etc) just want to stay within the Amazon footprint.
Thanks in advance.

you get 16GB on the cube and 8 on the firestick. 4K Max now supports wifi 6. that’s it.

Thanks MsOllie2U; I appreciate it.

Personally I’m going the 4k Max route. Faster CPU & GPU. Latest coding and protocols. Fairly easy to expand memory. Of course the new WiFi protocols as well. I tried and extensively tested the 2020 and 2021 releases and the never ending slow loading and transition times drove me nuts. I gave them away. My old reliable 4K 2018 model still outperforms them all. Release the Max already.

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I’m waiting until they come out with a stick that has 16GB. I have a dozen FireTV 4k sticks at different locations so there has to be some much bigger upgrade before I’ll change them out.

The Max does have a small increase in RAM, but I’m looking forward to the coding improvements and the faster CPU and GPU. Now this being said, I also thought the 2020 and 2021 releases would be an improvement and was subsequently proven wrong as they are horrible. Time will tell.

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