Fire TV Cube Backup/Restore

Hey Group,
I’m upgrading to the new Fire TV Cube. Is there a way to backup my current applications, programming, etc. so that I can restore on the new cube? Or, do I need to reinstall and reprogram from scratch?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


I was thing the same thing as I’m getting the new Fire TV cube today also. Then I decided since its so easy to download the apps I use from Troypoint I’ll just go that way and have a new clean install.

I’ve been spending the past few days migrating to the Cube from FireTV 2nd gen.
I was hoping to simply eject the SD card (from FTV) and install into Cube.

First, not sure about 2nd gen Cube but 1st gen has no SD slot. You need to purchase a USB OTG hub. OTG=On The Go. Insert SD card into that, then plug the hub and SD into the Cube. BTW…supposedly Cube only accepts 64GB max. external drives.

Major problem though. Although the SD card with all the apps that was in the FireTV was formatted and working with the FTV, the Cube however was not recognizing the installed apps! It showed the SD card and available space, BUT NO INSTALLED APPS! And it was indicating that the card had nearly 64GB available, even though I knew that there was at least a couple of GBs used by the apps.

So obviously the card needed to be reformatted AGAIN for the Cube to recognize. Meaning that all the installed apps would be wiped.
So I moved some apps to FTV internal, put the card back into the Cube, reformatted and now the Cube recognizes the card with all 64GB.

Either this is an oversite on the part of Amazon, or they simply don’t want you to transfer files between devices. VERY f’d up.

Also, attempted to install MouseToggle from Rapid App, but neither versions work on the Cube. In fact the version 1.11 gets hung up in the process, requiring a complete reboot. (Simply restarting wont correct…must unplug unit.)

And lastly (as of this writing), when I attempt to play any of the Troypoint videos, they stop at aprox. one minute into playback with the message “video failed”.

Hope this helps. Curious what problems other Cubist’s encounter.

Thanks for your post. These proprietary and restrictive operating systems and devices (amazon, apple, roku, microsoft, etc.) are why I prefer pure (stock) android devices. They are easily customizable and have an easier time loading open source apps and apps. My first streaming device was an amazon tv box and after a learning curve on what it couldn’t do, I moved on. All I really needed after that was to upgrade to a universal air mouse remote with usb dongle for total functional control of any android box. Lots of choices for good android boxes with more RAM and internal memory on both Amazon and Gearbest.

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Yup. Probably the way to go sometime down-the-road.