Fire Tv Cube 2nd generation and vpn problems

Im having problems with my fire tv cube 2nd gen. I purchased my first one about 2 years ago. Everything worked fine. So i decided to purchased another one. Hooked up Everything and worked fine for about 6 months. Tgen 2 weeks ago both units started showing a yellow bar going back and forth as if it was in setup mode or something. Both units started doing it at the same time. Don’t know why. Thought an update was the problem but ive tried everything. Hard wiring and wifi. Reset units and router. Factory reset only one unit . New hdmi cable and anything else i could think of. Even called the help line. They put in a ticket for me to try and figure out the problem. Thought I would try here. Btw. When I turn off tge vpn everything is fine. Yellow bar goes away. Once wifi back on it comes back on. Its on as i speak. While light is on alexa won’t work either. But vpn off and alexa works again. Plz help. Driving me crazy.

Hi @Dwm3444
Same thing happened to the Cube my wife uses. What I did to fix the problem was turn off vpn, if using the Safety green dot, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. I then restarted the device reinstalled the green safety dot and turn the vpn back on. The scrolling yellow bar on the cube went away.
Hope that helps.

Ok thanks. Ill try that. Its the only thing I didn’t do it reinstall the vpn. Duh.

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