Fire Tablet App

Trying to find out a way to install and open up the app. I am able to download it but it will not open on my Fire Table 10 11th generation. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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cancelled sorry wrong informatioin

I just downloaded the file on my laptop and sent the file to my Shield Pro using the Send Anywhere App. Then I installed the app using the installer in my X-plore app.

I am looking at it right now and tested various channels. Everything seems to be working fine.

Thanks, I will try that. Appreciate the repsonse.

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I would guess the problem is that you’re trying to use it on a tablet and it doesn’t work on mobile devices yet according to the website.

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### Sideload Sports Fire - Android Phones and Tablets

A mobile version of this app is not currently available.

I’ve been trying to get this app on my Fire HD 10 tablet. I can get it downloaded and even installed, but the apk does not show anywhere on my apps page. I can see it in Install Unknown Apps and have allowed. I don’t see any way to open the app.

I am still researching and will post my findings…if any.
I give up. I tried at least a dozen different sites and cannot get around the mobile restriction.

Oh, well, … :anguished:

> Is Sportsfire compatible with Android mobile phones?

Sadly, Sportsfire is only compatible with the Firestick & Smart TV’s only. However, we’re striving to make it attuned to all mobile devices.

Sent an email and asked if they have an eta.

I know this is an old post. However, a workaround… if you can get it installed on the fire tablet, still in 2024, is to open it via the wolf launcher app. It’ll work but functionality isn’t as perfect as a fire stick but you can still get channels to open.

My problem is that I uninstalled it and now trying to reinstall ver 2.0.3 and fire tablet is now calling it malware and won’t install.

Any suggestions?