Fire stick won't boot up

Checking on a fire stick for a friend and when I plugged it up this screen pops up. Has anyone else had this happen and what did you do? I waited for it to restart on it’s on and I didn’t. I even unplugged it and it went right back to this screen.

Sounds like a possible brick? I would do as they suggest! And see if they will send you a new one.

@Powerfader thanks. Will do

You need to do a factory reset, sorry to tell you. If you’re lucky you can hold the home button for 5 seconds and see if you get to the settings menu. If not, push and hold the right directional button and the back button at the same time until you get into reset mode.

If you are lucky enough to get to the settings menu without doing a reset then delete whatever isn’t necessary to free up some space. Maybe it’s out of memory and causing issues.

If you do unplug it again let it sit for at least 5 minutes before plugging back in.


I have read about those who had this issue and literally left it on all night while they slept and it had recovered by the morning. Apparently a few say it took hours. Others contacted Amazon, but didn’t get any help. I assume you’ve tried the full power disconnect and reconnect to house power and not a TV USB port.

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hey dean…

Was your friend using a third party launcher (homescreen)?

@Sketch im not sure. I’m thinking they didn’t

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OK, thats sumtimes the cause, then its lookin like maybe it got this way from not being used or updated or got fried some othr way… thnx


thats Lucy & Chuck part of Amazons recycling team :recycle:

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It would probably be less of a headache and just order a new one, or use it as an excuse to upgrade :slight_smile:


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