Fire stick keeps filing up cannot remove enough

Have gotten down to under 1 GB on firestick and it just keeps filling up. Used SD maid, and removed some apps, but does not seem to help.

Any thoughts

My biggest addition comes constantly from Amazon pre installed cr-apps like shopping. It requires that before I completely remove power for the night I do a thorough cleaning. Yet another reason to consider an android device like Ugoos. So far I’ve never found one single app that clears every cache, even though some claim they do. So manual clean is it.

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Its very true. The stick keeps getting bloated. I have removed apps that I don’t really use and can easily get again if I want. Clearing cache helps as well but I also find that a reboot will claim back space. Of course a reboot these days must be done with confidence that you have removed a pending update. I am under 1 GB on one stick as well but it still works fine.


I have so little on the stick that my free space runs around 2.33GB after I do my nightly cleaning. TiViMate, Stremio, Kodi and Ola TV are the main ones. BTW kodi adds stuff all the time as well and I just keep it down with Open Wizard maintenance.


I have been using SD Maid and manual cleaning to do this. But most of the apps are used. Thanks for the suggestions. Wish I could remove some Amazon stuff, will never be used.

The easiest way is to use esfile explorer and then “delete” the things like “shopping” This doesn’t actually remove any Amazon app but does return it to factory setting. This reclaims a lot of space. In downloader>
ESFile explorer is there, or was last time I checked.

Thanks, I believe it is on that stick. I had a friend load it a few years back, I am now loading my own


I recently bought two Walmart ONN UHD boxes. $20. Nice price !!
So far I am pleased with their performance and the remote is nice,
controls TV and soundbar and has Input button which works.
I only have Tivimate, Downloader, an app or two, a browser and HDHR app for locals, keeping it slim.
To use as a “test kitchen” of sorts.
And to be prepared for when and if Amazon goes the ROKU route and locks the Fire devices down.

Sure can’t beat that price. WOW. I’ll have to look into those here. Unfortunately not available at Wallyworld here.

Search Troypoint - how to debloat firestick

I posted this on another thread to Rkrasman this morning.
Haven’t had any problems with the 4K units over the years, only the Max units.
Some of my retired neighbors were having cost issues either Comcast or AT&T and asked me to set them up with IPTV. I looked at the specs of the Max and thought they would make reasonable priced hardware solutions for them. Have done 9 Max’s over the past couple of months with standard apk install plus one provider that I have used for the past couple of years. Of the 9 Max units I have had to redo 3 for them. Each of the 3 were showing an error message that the memory was full (50mb remaining out of 5.33 gb) and some apks needed to be deleted. First one was a challenge trying to figure out what was happening. Looked to Amazon Support for guidance and was told to do a factory reset and start from scratch. What BS, so I did an analysis as to which apps were causing the memory drain. Was surprised that none were. All the installed apps totaled 2.8 gb and I had about 2.5gb of phantom memory use. After going to a bunch of forums (there are a lot of people who have this same issue) one person said the problem is with the stock KFTV Launcher. Fix was to uninstall the launcher and let Amazon repopulate with a fresh launcher. That was three weeks ago and so far so good. Just another reason that I won’t use the standard launcher for the Fire sticks.
You will need to go into File Explorer to Home - Apps and find the KFTV Launcher. Uninstall and let Amazon install a fresh copy of the launcher.
While you are in the Home-App section also check the Screen saver and Amazon Photo section as to how much space you are chewing up withe pics.
My standard practice for Screen Saver on all my Fire Sticks is to disable Screen Saver (Display and Sound - Screen Saver- start time - never)
You can also totally disable the Screen Saver from the Debloat Tool from Troy’s RAI.

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Hey @Miki I just returned from WallyWorld & took a peek at one of the ONNs…it’s kinda’ like a basic version of my android box & it has several features that either rival or exceed my old firestick. Specs on the back of the box were minimal so here they are. Can you order from Walmart online?

Build Plastic
SoC * Amlogic S905Y2
  • 4x ARM Cortex-A53 (up to 1.8 GHz)
  • Mali G31 GPU|
    |RAM & Storage|* 2 GB RAM
  • 8GB storage|
    |Ports|microUSB, HDMI|
    |Connectivity|* 2.4/5GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac MIMO Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0|
    |Software|Android TV 10.0|
    |Other Features|* Remote with TV volume/power controls
  • Chromecast support
  • Google Assistant|

Thank you for sharing that. I must give it a try as I know the memory usage has just grown on it’s own and not because I keep adding anything substantial.
My question is, when you delete their stock launcher, what exactly happens if you have no other on the device as in my case on my 4k. Reboot and?

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We don’t have that box here either but the next time I cross over into the USA, I will absolutely look for it and pick up a few so I have an extra for backup. If it will allow side loading and all that, it seems like a great alternative without spending a lot for the meantime.

Can the internal memory be expanded on these ONN cheapie boxes?

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We are getting off topic, maje a topic in the hardware category for specs and box info.