Fire Stick 4K Sound lagging behind

Hello! I am having an issue with the Amazon FireStick: when using Kodi streaming movies, the sound is lagging behind, yes, I keep adjusting the audio to the dialogue but within the same movie it has to be done multiple times and TBH it is very annoying. Once I go back to the firestick main screen, the sound is behind too! I thought it was because I had an old stick but i got the latest one and still doing the same.
I have also tried adjusting the audio on the tv itself but no luck, It is a LG OLED tv if that makes a difference.

Any guidance would be highly appreciated!
Thank you

Did you try this?

Audio through tv not a soundbar?

Hi! I did, but still doing the same :frowning:

Thats correct, I dont know what else to do :frowning:

Have a look see if there are any updates available to install if not ya could try reset to factory defaults, i know its a pain to put everything back on.

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Thanks! I will do it again, I got a second brand new stick from Amazon, if it doesnt work, I just have to accept there is something going on with Kodi and the stick that it is way beyong my IT skills :slight_smile:

Let us know how you get on.

Make sure video resolution is set to automatic in firestick display settings and match original frame rate is on.

Download latest kodi as well.

In kodi Turn on adjust display refresh rate to always
Settings>player>videos - adjust display refresh rate

Try those things and report back.

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Have you got another TV to try it on, it could be something on the TV setup…?


Just a thought as I had the same problem: I reset my TV and fixed the communication problem. It’s amazing how I overlooked a simple reset. It was easy to do since I have all my apps on the Fire Stick. This is why Fire Stick dongles are the way to go. Also, if you need to reset the Fire Stick, having a smartphone with all your streaming apps signed in makes it fast and easy, with QR codes.

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Thanks for the guidance, Tried the suggestion, when I watch anything on Kodi, still has the same sound lagging issues BUT at least I have to adjust it ONLY once instead every few min, I almost consider this as a win!

Completely agree, it is so much easier with QR codes. thank you

Im still baffled why its doing that. I would consider a factory reset.

I got from Amazon, two brand new fire sticks as I thought they might have been faulty, reinstalled the few apps i had on them including Kodi. It is so bizzare because all other apps like Netflix, Disney, etc work perfectly

Have you tried stremio? Thats a really good apk.