Fire Stick 4K...Remote Mx3 Pro

hi I´ve just purchased a Fire Stick 4K and I need a better remote than the toy supplied by Amazon. I`ve come across an MX 3 Pro but its got conflicting reports on compatibility with the Stick. My question…has anybody actually got this device to work without issues with the 4K? I need something basic, inexpensive (ideally a remote) for browsing. Obviously means entering text (addresses) etc. Obliged for any help here

I use an Auvipal 2.4 GHz keyboard, with the dongle plugged into an otg cable all of which came with the keyboard. Under $20 last time I checked.

it will work as well as most other air mouse will work too…so many out there.
I have the k25 that works well Rii K25 Multifunction Portable 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Fly Mouse Keyboard and Infrared Remote Control with Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (Black) : Electronics

also have the W1 thats good also. Stay away from the W2 has no home button. Upgrade W1 Universal TV Remote Air Mouse, Wireless Keyboard Fly Mouse 2.4GHz Connection Air Remote Keyboard Mouse for Android TV Box/PC/Smart TV/Projector/HTPC/All-in-one PC/TV : Electronics

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You can also use an Ipad. Tablet or phone with the FireTV app. I use it all the time for entering text instead of navigating around using the remote.

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Thanks guys, that’s really helpful. Trying to decide on which option to go for…looks like they`'re not all available in Germany

on the k25 …from the “Copy ‘n’ Paste Empire” Amazon Website…
“…Innovative Shape, Portable, elegant, Perfect for PC, Pad, Android Tv Box, Google TV Box, Xbox 360, PS3, HTPC, IPTV. Not work with the amazon fire tv stick !..”

Rii i8+ Bluetooth mini keyboard. You want Bluetooth if you don’t want to have to buy an OTG adapter and plugin more stuff.

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Or the AuviPal G9F

AuviPal G9F Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Remote Combo, Rechargeable Backlit Wireless Remote Control for Firestick 4K/Lite/Cube and Nvidia Shield - No Voice Function

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Hello again, I have an important question to ask, please, before I make a decision on which remote to purchase. I resurrected an old mini- keyboard- mouse (no-name) that I’d been using with an Android TV Box. This unit functions with the Fire Stick, the only problem it has is with the “Silk” Browser. Navigation on the browser is only possible, same as the supplied remote, by mouse and arrow pointers. Also, the address bar doesnt open. So I´m asking if there is something different in the navigation around this browser, if perhaps theres some key combination to open the address bar…. otherwise, Im left with the conclusion that its just a compatibility issue even though it functions with the Chrome and the Downloader browser. Anybody, please?

I’m not sure what you mean by the address bar won’t open. I have 4k sticks and I open the silk browser, scroll the pointer circle all the way to the top, scroll sideways to place the circle into the address bar which then highlights it and I click enter and the keyboard opens. I then either type in what I want or press the Alexa button and speak what I want then click go. I only ever use my remote for these simple tasks although I always have a keyboatd plugged in.
I should mention, on my auvipal mini wireless keyboard it’s the same, I scroll the circle pointer up to the address bar and it highlights but I cannot open the on screen keyboard with it, I have to click enter on the stick remote and then type using the auvipal.

…" Also, the address bar doesnt open".... Sorry, I meant of course that the on-screen keyboard won’t open …doesn’t react, even with pointer stick in address bar, highlighted.

Using a wireless keyboard I never could get the on screen keyboard to open, it does open using the :fire: stick remote and then you can type using the keyboard.

Will this device open the on-screen keyboard from the address bar please?

If you use the select button on the remote to select the search box, yes.

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Thank you, I need something that will completely replace the Amazon remote

Your issue is going to be the voice control. If you can do without that then either of the two remotes I mentioned above will be suitable. Just depends if you want a wider remote with all the buttons on one side, or a thinner remote with buttons on both sides. I prefer the rii i8+ due to the touch pad for mouse control.


Did you try the remote app on your phone?

Works perfectly. Thank you.
…and just as a side-note…

In the webpage

under sub-heading 3. MX3 Pro Mini Keyboard with Air Remote

a piece recommending the MX3 Pro…

…”Users can also purchase the MX3 Pro Mini Keyboard with Air Remote that is perfect for Fire TV Devices.”

This unit does not function with the Amazon Silk Browser

Great forum, obliged to you all for your help