Fire stick 4 k max/troypoint video

After watching the Troypoint video on moving apps from internal storage to external storage via X-pxplorer on the 4K fire stick max, without any success. They remain on internal storage. Also any apps from the rapid app installer, default to internal storage. Whereas apps from app link or other sites install on external storage. Thanks for any information.

From my understanding the max is slightly different. You cannot load apps on “external” storage but must set up the storage as “internal”. The following article explains this.

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Got it, Please watch the troypoint video on 4K max on how to move apps to internal USB in lieu of firestick 4K max storage. I in correctly used the term external storage. Thanks

Which video are you referring to. There are so many. Link?

Please refer to Troypoint video two weeks ago. How to expand internal storage on new Firestick and Fire TV cube- Move all apps to USB drive.

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Read the link I gave you. Sometimes it’s better to have something you can read and cross of steps as you go.

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