Fire hd8, surfshark

Can someone help me? Just purchased surfshark, was able to put on my smartphone, laptop, and TV, but can’t on my fire HD8 (7th gen). Previously had IPVanish, but don’t remember what i did. Thank you in advance.

If it’s a fire tablet use fire toolbox to download Google play store and it should be in there but bc of the last Amazon update on the tablets turn off your wifi before turning on your tablet for the first time so you can disable updates before going through the tablet setup if you already have the latest update then nevermind but even with the new update you can still get play store and get surf shark with fire toolbox anyway

I believe you can find the SS app in the Amazon App Store. Maybe try and send the app using the Send Anywhere app. Try using the Unlinked app.

I did not know about the Send Anywhere app. I do now. Thanx for the help.

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