Fire Cube or Better?

I apologize if this topic has been covered, but, I am new at this. I would like some feedback on a Fire Cube, or, THE BEST possible hardware for streaming. I have a 4K firestick presently and like it, but, am looking to buy THE BEST possible device for steaming. Please, anyone with suggestions I would appreciate your feedback! THANKS!

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@Miki love that answer and couldn’t agree more :clap:

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If you want to stay in the amazon system then the top is the cube. Very well rated and their top device for amazon. Or if you could care less and price in not a factor then what Miki just posted is the current talk going on and imho is most likely the best at this moment. A top amlogic processor with 4g ddr4 ram and plenty of storage.

This device is expensive and I have no idea why anyone would need 128GBs of memory, but damn these specs are at the top end of what any dedicated streamer or even a gamer would want. Just be sure you have a good internet to support it. I don’t just mean speed either. Lag, noise etc. are just as important. I had the coin and could actually get it here, I’d definately go for it.


Miki I really like the launcher(home screen) setup and remote. I had its older brother and sent it back :rofl:…kicking myself. My only question is…do the various iptv providers all combine together as tivimate does?..or do you need to switch from one to another. That I did not try as I was in a hurry and forgot to load multiple playlist. If someone confirms I might bite the bullet :cowboy_hat_face:

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oooo. Good question. Can’t you install TiViMate on it, regardless if it has a native IPTV player?

yes, you can do with it pretty much as you need. I did install tivimate to check it. But if you get the box its taylored made for their iptv system which is very nice…buttttt that one question remains

I’ll do some digging. See if any forums have some info.

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If amazon had it I would get it, check it and keep or send. But hasnt made it yet…well there is one scalper trying to sell one marked up…but nah

Now do you mean as in, TiViMate lists all the M3Us in a list on the left?

example would be you create a group “sports”…in tivimate you can put any channel you want in that group from any playlist. A combined set. Im not sure if its possible in buzztv

Ahhh ok. I’ve never actually done that, I just have a “Favourites” list that I put together from all my free lists. Only about 50 channels.

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I make groups and populate them with what some old timerz :upside_down_face:want. Makes it easier for them to find channels and not call me when they cant find the Wagon Train weekend marathon :rofl:

but im thinkin again…this wont be for them, just me :rofl:… I did read you cant create groups but you can lock the ones you want and hide them.

@TXRon the buzztv app is pretty well the same as iptv smarters. Yeah unfortunately everytime you want something on a different playlist you have to switch server’s which is a bit of a hassle, but tivimate runs smooth as a whistle so if your half crazy like myself you can have two setups.:rofl:

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Thanks. What I needed to know. :+1:

THANKS everyone! Appreciate all the feedback and how quick! And TXRon, the Wagon Train weekend marathon! You’re kiilin me with that one!! LOL!


Still would be hard to give up my ugoos tivimate world :joy: :grimacing:

@TXRon I should add the one neat thing about the buzz app is when you exit it, it will have quick access to the favorites of whatever list you were last on right on the homepage.

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