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Hi there

I’m using Kodi build 20.2 with Real Debris and the Crew add on, and I’m having what I can only describe as a filtering problem. If I search for “House” and open any of the streams, I get everything from Big Brother to documentaries about Nixon and the White House, but nothing about a misanthropic doctor with an addiction problem. It happens on other searches too, and it’s very frustrating. Any tips or advice gratefully received.

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what device are you on

FYI we are not supposed to mention specific Shows/Movies here but using the Crew search your Show appeared Top of the list - All 8 Seasons and I tested a few of the episodes. All working. Make sure you are searching Shows and not Movies

Hi there

It’s an Amazon Firestick. @MarkxG I’m definitely searching for TV shows. I’ve searched on Trending TV and I get the same thing.

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Sorry. I wasn’t aware of the no title rule. Won’t do that again!


Yeah not sure why we have that rule either. Why are you searching on Trending TV? That is an Old show over 20 years ago. No wonder you are not finding it. Just choose the regular search

why not use stand alone apps such as turks uk/ onstream/ film plus/ all work well i have them and just use kodi as a back up

It’s available on Scrubsv2.

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just checked also on onstream all episodes