FilmPlus and similar interfaces

So this is an informational observation, when using any of the apps like Cinema HD or FilmPlus with the same general interface I found that if I used pause that in general they would start buffering if you paused for any length of time. They usually work after coming back from the pause but it seems like they stop filling the buffer (that speculation on my part) and then start buffering.

So here is my solution I have found over time, I hope it’s useful to you folks. Don’t pause but rather use the back button and go back to the link, do whatever you need to do while the stream is stopped, when you come back, play the link, it will start right where you left off and rarely (not never, but almost never) buffer.

If you were all aware of this, sorry I wasted your time but if not try it.


I did know this but it is good to share hints like this. I was a newbie once and needed all the tips I could get (and still find many useful). Thank you.


totaly agree with@Gumboil :+1:

Ti[s are always great and especially when you run into quirks like that. Pretty much most things will start where they left off. That’s a good thing.