Film Plus How to use other players

I first searched the previous posts and could find what I was looking for. I am using Film Plus 1.6.4 and it will only allow to use BPlayer. I don;t see in settings and other setup options. The best i could find was to load older versions but when i tried they weren’t available. Any suggestions?

I have the same question. Following.

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I use BP player it seems to work fine for Films+

If I understand, you specificially want to use an external player? And you don’t want to use the built-in player Exo?

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Yes, bplayer is working fine but i like to have an option. Real debrid links also dont sbow up.

Okay. One other question, are you using the Ad Free version of FilmPlus? I’m using the Ad Free version and I always use Exo, but in settings under choose default player I can change to BPlayer, MX, or VLC. Does yours look like this?

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The only version I saw link to is 1.6.4 those setting in image are not in mine. When I tried to play something it just popped up an update available and install BPlayer. If you have the correct link I would appreciate. Do you have any issue with real-debrid links not showing up?

I will pm you a link. I don’t use real debrid and I haven’t had any problems playing anything.

Thank you I just found a site and loaded… Same version and no player setup

Your link would be appreciated


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I sent you a link. Please give it a try and let me know.
Also, maybe clear your data before you install this version.

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I had the same problem. One of these recent updates, took away the ability to change the player. Also, real debrid links rarely show up.

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I’ll pm you the same file I sent @mike.l.sanders He said it worked great for him.


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Hello Shayde.

Could you please shate the link of filmplus ad free or to use other players with me. The Bplayer advert after each screening is driving me bonkers!
Thank you sincerely