Film+, ADM not working

ADM on Film+ keeping forwarding to Google for update. Even after updating ADM it still forwards to Google Play store for update. What is going on, every time I need to use ADM to copy a movie it transfers to Google Play store for a update.

i have film plus it never does that i would download from a different source

I deleted Film+ from my tablet and downloaded Film+ from Troypoint and nothing changed. When I select a movie not using Real-Debrid and select ADM to download to my tablet to watch later. It sends me to google to download and update for ADM. I update ADM in Google and select ADM again, I’m sent to Google again. It’s Groundhog all over again.

Any other ideas?

app will only be an apk file if you cant do apks download the unlinked app and enter these codes EB2E4A4C. or 67664537. or FIRESTICK . they have lots of apps inc film plus they will load direct onto your device google unlinked and download it

The Stremio download option works really well. I use it exclusively now for single downloads.


Did you ever figure this out? I don’t use RD and prefer Film+ to Stremio. So while I haven’t used ADM to download yet, I’m intending to try and download a 4k film file using ADM, but there seems to be some problems.

To record in Stremio, I had to have ADM installed and then when I had the vid I wanted to record started in Stremio I had to click the enter button, then down the bottom Click what looks like the VLC cone, and then in Open with choose ADM, then it started recording. Thats all. Didn’t take long. It’s a bit different on my Pixel tab but almost the same, open the movie, tap on it to open the lower options then on the far left you get an option to open in external and then click that and ADM is one of the options, choose that and away you go. Pretty easy.

No, I never figured out how to copy movies using ADM.
I did find a work around. I copy the movie using clipboard and then go to Chrome and select the first link which is the clipboard movie and wait till the movie is copied.