Fiber Compatible Router

Whats some of the best fiber compatible routers?


If you actually have fiber to the house with your company and not fiber to the node and coaxl to the house then the company offers you a fiber capable router/modem.

They have to give you a modem to hook the fiber up and typically its a wifi modem.

Yes, not sure I was clear enough. Im looking to upgrade the router. My ONT (modem) is fine.


I know, you where very clear. You should be calling your company there is no reason they can’t provide you with a fiber modem that’s a wifi router in one.

I have 1g fiber with a modem router.

No need to pay to rent router from isp. Im looking for top fiber router. Not for isp supplied router, which is garbage btw.


I’m not sure who supplies you with your modem or router.

But understand something frist. There is many fiber capable routers. I’d look into tp link.

But all your doing is hooking the router up to the modem and if the modem is junk the router won’t be any better as it relies on the hook up link of what it’s connected to.

But even junk modems from your service provider are probably the most basic form of what you need to handle fiber connections. If you are hard wiring your connection then stick with the connection direct to the modem instead of that split modem to router to end unit.

If wifi is what you intend to do, you would absolutely need a wifi router if your modem doesn’t support it. Tp link offers some good options for that. Keep in mind if you don’t decent hardware in your modem the router won’t make it better.

Wifi 6 and fiber wifi are depended on the connection in your house. You are looking at over 80 to 150 bucks for a good capable router.

Good luck getting them to enable the ethernet port on the ONT. You’re going to pay more for a modem/router combo. If you do some digging on the companies website you can usually find a list of certified devices. Stick with one of those if you want it guaranteed to work with your ISP.

That’s another thing. Enthernet port locking and tethering.

Talk with your isp get thr nest modem they offer. Don’t get a router till you look into this further.

The ONT is perfectly fine. The router is junk. The ethernet isnt locked. I was just looking for good fiber capable routers. Thanks.

I use Orbi WI-FI 6 mesh system and it works great.

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I have a Netgear router my ISP wanted me to pay for the router with my fiber so I opted to buy my own router . Netgear has a lot of different router available depending on what you want to do and need . My ISP gives you a router modem but if you want to use the router part of it you have to rent it I know not fare but that is the way it is so they lock out the router end I hooked up to it with my router working fine with no signal loss.

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Make sure auto negotiation is set to go above 100 mbps or you will have a bad time.

If you are getting wired speeds of 100 and not faster it’s locked.

The isp that hooks up your connection should be a good modem with wifi. A router won’t solve anything if the modem your isp offers is junk.

We are merely suggesting to research first before router splitting.


Tp link has a good setup for wifi 6 and in general good routers.

Thank you. Closest to an answer yet lol. Are you using a nighthawk?

Yes I am using a nighthawk and love it and support is very good

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