Fentastic Kodi Build Confusion

I installed Fentastic per Troy’s latest article and I’m confused. It runs full screen on Kodi. How to I get to my other Kodi Addons??

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I followed the tutorial exactly, but when I installed the Chief Matrix Wizard and attempted to select a build, there are no Matrix Builds at all. The top left corner says 0/7 instead of 0/11. The only build it has is “Cg -MEC - (v1.5)?? I’ve tried the steps 5x with the same outcome.

i would like to know as well i find it quite confusing

I’m having the same problem, how can I get Kodi on my new fire cube?

You can download Kodi 19.4 from the Troypoint Rapid Installer. That still works fine, it’s just Diggz has shut down all their builds. I just added Fen as an add on because I don’t use 80% of build stuff and it’s a lot faster now.

I’m confused now, my Kodi is downloaded from rapid but chef madrix doesnt have but 1 build. Has Diggz gone for good?

Yes Diggz is no longer. anything associated with it will probably follow

Guys… diggz is no longer. Please do a search.