FEN vs Seren and Crew

I really like FEN because it keeps track of watched episodes with a check mark. I do not care for Trakt because I want many obscure TV shows that are not easily found in Trakt. Why is Crew and Seren liked so much. They do not keep track of watched episodes.

Hello @jorom I agree with you. I favor Fen. All comes down to personal preference. I think FEN is easier to setup than Seren as well. Thanks for being a Patron!

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I’m a Fen Fan . Suits my needs.

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Homelander addon keeps track of whatched episodes. Homelander is in the crew repo, but is seperate and distinct from the crew addon. Works really well with rd.

I think I will try it as a FEN backup. Thanks.

I installed the Superman build on Kodi 20. I tried watching several different movies, one dated back to 1976 but all I kept getting was “no stream available” I tried for a good while and Zen and Crew both came back with that message. Is there something wrong with the Superman build? I linked my real-debrid account to the build when I was installing it.

Other than the normal setup, is there any tweaks we can do Troy

I just had the same problem with Superman build. I uninstalled the Superman build and uploaded the Aspire build but can’t get Asgard to work at all. I had only used Diggz builds but having trouble with them also.

Over the years I have tried various Kodi builds. Something seems to always happen that messes their functionality. It is probably me, but I went back to estuary, became quite good with it. I think it is simple, functional, and very reliable.