FEN: Tikipeter’s Repository,

After “tiki” zip installed:
Install from repository:
Tikipeter’s Repository:
Add-on repository
Program add-ons
Video add-ons do not appear so I can’t install FEN

I think that you’re landing on the wrong place.

Skip the the program add-ons and scroll down to ‘video addons’.

Video Add-on does not show up on the screen.

Just checked here and video addons is showing up in tikipeter repo, with fen. Repo version is 1.0.3

Thank you for your response. The version of the repo that dowloads from Troy’s instructions is 1.02. I don’t know why, but that appears to be the issue. How would you recommend to download the correct repo version?

If you already have that version, go to install from repository, click it, then find Tikipeter repo and highlight it, then click info button on your remote, then highlight Check for updates and click it :grinning:

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Uninstalled Kodi 19.5 to 20.
Now got it.
Thanks for your help

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Well, one of us should of asked you about which version of Kodi you were using :smiley: