Installed CMAM Build under the supervision of our guru TROY ( thanks for all the work bruh)! Everything went well and as par the course the guide was spot-on! As advised I was able to link Real-Debrid in the build and then attempted to do the same for FEN as per Troy’s suggestion! However under SETTING FEN> PROVIDER ACCT > REAL DEBRID…the MANAGE ACCOUNT AUTHORIZATION TOOLS> ACCOUNT MANAGER line id GREYED OUT !

I’m wondering if anyone else has this issue that prevents them from authorizing
REAL DEBRID in the FEN addon! Could it be that the SUPERMAN BUILD made changes in the original build and automatically added the REAL DEBRID across all of the addons that need it to pull more links?

Other than that one cliche all is working well and I love the Superman Build as Troy’s #1 Build for Kodi!
Oh, can someone tell me how I can join the patron section of the INSIDER? I’ve seen posts saying its a the top of the page but I’m either overlooking it or on the wrong page!

Thanks in advance fam…see around the clubhouse! Mace, a.k.a., newbie5583

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