Fen Kodi Addon not fetching correct .zip

Good day
I tried to install Fen but the repository zip file was:
Which is not the one on Troy’s Guide.
Instead of getting Fen it provided CocoScrapers Module.
Any suggestions to get back on track with downloading Fen ?

It’s just a newer version. And the scrapers are the dependencies that the addon uses to search for streams. Everything is fine, just continue.

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There is no program just the scraper

You could go to install from repository, click on Tikipeter repo, then video addons, see if Fen is there and checkmarked, if it is click on it and scroll down to open and click it. Now it should appear on the home page. Good luck :+1:

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So I’m reading all the Posts and comments over multiple days and weeks. I get that some people use KODI with an add-on or two for their primary streaming needs. And I get that I’m 73 years old and am probably NOT the best test of the newest technology. But, please explain why anyone would use anything other than a standard APK ( Cinema, etc.) for run-of-the-mill streaming? KODI is cumbersome, user-unfriendly, and often not made for what most streamers need. Anyway, just my thoughts since this edition of the Insider focused on 5 out of 5 KODI topics. I’ve used ONLY Cinema for nearly 5 years (guesstimate) with minimal problems, regardless of version. KODI has gone through multiple iterations in the same time frame with virtually no user-friendly options. Am I crazy? Is it just me? Or is KODI not worth the effort?

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There is no Video Addons option only Program Addons which only leads to CO CO Scrapers. Guess I just keep using MD, and try again in a week or so

People can use whatever they want to. Any of the standalone apps can be unsupported at any time also. It happened with Cinema. Then you may end up with malicious copies being circulated. Kodi gets constant updates but the addons are all independently managed by developers just like all the standalone apps are. It just depends what functionality and customization you want. I can do far more with Kodi than I can with any app. I prefer to watch 4K steams with Dolby Vision and TrueHD whenever possible. Just can’t do that with most apps.

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It really just comes down to what you want to get out of cord cutting, tbh. To me, UI is critically important. I have to have my Tivimate, organized using IPTV Boss, and my premium apps like Syncler, etc etc. Some people love the UI of Kodi, and the fact that it is so customizable and adjustable. It is cool to have so many options for the different people in here, different skill levels. If you aren’t versed in Kodi, it likely may not be worth learning and fiddling with. Stick with what works and makes you happy.


Great answer AMD237. :+1:


I also tried to download the FEN add on, last night (9 Aug 23). The only module within the zip file was the COCO module. (Of course, I’m using an older FireTV box, so that could be my issue).

Why is no one responding to comments about tikipeter repository no longer having Video Addon folder? Fen has been great for a while, but recently it stopped working so I tried to do a fresh install. That’s when I found that the updated repository does not have the needed Video Addons folder. So, it doesn’t work. Did the dev drop installation support for Kodi 19?

Hello @budman9999 that is correct. I believe that there is another topic on this site talking about Kodi 19 not working with Fen. You can always use one of our TROYPOINT Forks if you want to install multiple instances of Kodi on your device. Keep Kodi 19 and install our TROYPOINT 20.2 Fork as well.

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Thank you. That was frustrating, but I will take advantage of the Kodi fork and continue to use fen. Appreciate you.

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